We deal on Aluminum long Span and steptiles roofing sheets, windows, doors and steel works, with our long span having 900mm to 1000mm (0.90m to 1.00m) effective coverage after corrugation while the steptiles ranges from 960mm to 1000mm (0.96mm to 1.00mm) effective coverage after corrugation.  These are the characteristics of the product.

The overlap detail incorporates an anti-capillary drain to ensure water-tightness on a single side lap.

The broad corrugation offers a drainage capacity.  The valiant appearance of the reverse side of the profile ensures use also as cladding profile.


There is practically no limit to the length of sheets that can be produced.  However, the maximum recommended length should not exceed 15m for 0.55mm and above while 9m for 0.45mm for handling reason.


The standard available gauges in Aluminum for roofing are 0.45mm, 0.55mm,0.70mm,0.90mm and 1.20mm, other non standard gauges are available on demand.


The following table is based on theoretical calculations and practical consideration assuming an evenly distributed load of 1.5KN/m2 or a point load of 0.9KN at mid-span and a maximum deflection of 1/200 of the span.



Timber preservatives which are more attuned with Aluminum (eg. Creosote or Pentachlorophenol) should be used. Timber that has been treated with a copper or mercury compound is not recommended.  The certified minimum width of timber is 50mm


All steel surfaces in contact with Aluminum should be painted with bituminous Aluminum, zinc chromate or other paint that does not contain lead.

In marine or industrial environment.  Its is advisable to provide additional installation in the form of chromate impregnated or plastic sheeting applied to the painted surface before installation.  The Z purlin should face towards the ridge to allow for correct fixing of hook bolts.


Aluminum is not corroded by contact with zinc but in severe atmosphere conditions the zinc may suffer attach.  A coating of bituminous Aluminum should separate contact surface between the sheers and zinc.


Differential Aluminum Windows/Doors

Differential Aluminum specializes in the fabrication and supply of high-quality direct-fix aluminum window in Nigeria. Differential Aluminum manu-factures the high-quality Monoframe and Dual frame window and systems encompassing the 55mm & 75mm casement windows and built to last from robust aluminum, all our window and door products are available in a choice of colors and finishes and are designed with security in mind. As an established supplier and commercial contractor, DASC Windows is the choice of many professionals and businesses for high-quality, secure, direct-fix aluminum window and door products. The Company has continuously supplied double glazing and replacement window companies across the Nigeria with the finest quality window and door systems. All aluminum windows are manufactured to specification with the latest security features. Importantly, all products are Part L-compliant and competitively priced.

RESIDENTIAL DOORS= Choosing the right door is guaranteed to create a lasting impression. Whether a customer is trying to reflect the existing style or period of a building or creating a brand new image – DASC Doors has the answer. With a wide range of designs for Front, Back, Patio and French doors to choose from - transforming the look and atmosphere of a home couldn't be easier. In addition to good looks, our design and manufacture provide a very high level of security. All doors are fitted with Monalock Security Locking System Manufactured in durable and robust aluminum Decorative glass range all with sealed laminated outer pane Insulated solid panels faced with strong aluminum sheets which resist flame and physical attack Slim line profiles allowing half or fully glazed door French Doors In addition to the features mentioned above, our French doors have an 'overlap' to conceal the lock and built-in flush bolts to prevent the doors being prized open. Additional security via combined shoot bolts and security hinge bolts available. Sliding Patio Doors Features the Monalock multipoint locking system - four separate locking bolts with mushroom heads locate into strong stainless steel keep, fixed into the frame, and are deadlocked by turning the key in the five-pin cylinder. In addition, they have permanent anti-lift blocks to prevent the panels being lifted out - and overlapping interlocking stiles to prevent them being prized apart. Dual frame 75mm High Performance Entrance Door A suite of profiles which can be constructed to form single or double, open in or open outdoors. Suitable for both the domestic and light commercial markets, the Dual frame door can be used to achieve both traditional and contemporary styling. Options include: Internal or external glazing; standard or 'soft line' frames; standard, heavy-duty or cathedral hinges Weather-rated low threshold sill option Unique polyamide strip with full depth Euro groove Will couple Dual frame 75mm and 55mm systems, Dual frame Roof and the Mona frame system

Past Projects

1. Rivers State secretariat- 4.2 Million Naira(Roofing project)

2. Bougainvillea Hotel Ltd, GRA PH-8 Million Naira (Roofing & Window projects)

3. Navy quarters, Onne (window projects) sub-contracted to ANAQUIP-2.5 Million Naira

4. Rivers State modern primary school (supplied materials only for 15 schools) @ 5.2 Million Naira per building

5. Rivers State Health Centre (three buildings) @ 3.5 Million Naira

6. Modern Town Market in Rivers State (sub-contracted to OKI)-45 Million Naira

7. Rivers State secondary School at Eleme: Roofing & Windows (sub-contracted to COT Engineering)

8. Supply of Aluminum materials to Orazuruike Trading Co. for SIAPEM projects

9. Iriebe Housing project Port-Harcourt(windows projects)-2 Million Naira

10. Supply of Aluminum materials to Mega Star Ph

11. Roof and windows supply and installation for the federal Polytechnic of Oil and Gas, Ekenwe, Bayesal

Our Mission


To provide unique and affordable quality materials and services for the Aluminum and steel building product market in Nigeria and Africa.


To create a company that ranks among the first in the Aluminum and steel companies in Nigeria and Africa and also to make our staff and clients as part owners of the company.


In Differential Aluminum and steel Co. Ltd, cialis apotheke integrity is our watch word and passion for swift and quick delivery and quality is our attitude.

Our Services

Our products are as good as the services provided; they are backed up by value adding design, manufacturing, installation and post installation services.


We acknowledge the fact that installation of the products is one the most significant areas to consider in accomplishing a high quality job. An experienced and well trained in-house team working cialis 20mg in fast and efficient manner handles our installation works


It is our course of action to ensure that our products are fit for the various design options presented by our clients and their professional advisers. A free consultancy services is provided to attain these objectives where required, these include:

  • Free site measurement and detailed drawings.
  • Free supervision and monitoring of the erection of roof trusses.
  • Design alternatives solutions for non- standard applications
  • Design alternatives for cost optimization.


To create a company that ranks among the first in the Aluminum and steel companies in Nigeria and Africa and also to make our staff and clients as part owners of the company.


To provide unique and Affordable Quality Materials and Services for the Aluminum and Steel building product market in Nigeria and Africa.

Our Products

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Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.
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